• The best way to introduce your child to the world of books

    Board books are excellent first books because babies and toddlers can hold them and handle them on their own. Perfectly shaped, innovative and very appealing to infants and toddlers, a board book is a great way to introduce children to the joy of reading.

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  • Introducing Indian languages to children through interactive storybooks

    Pridhee Kapoor Gupta is the founder and CEO of T4Tales, a company that helps Indian parents living in India and abroad to introduce Indian languages to children in their early years through interactive storybooks.

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  • Bridging the Language Gap: The Story of T4tales

    Inspired by the need to teach her child Hindi while living abroad, Pridhee Gupta created T4Tales, an innovative company that bridges the language gap between Indian languages and their diaspora in countries like the UK, Canada and America.

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