How T4Tales Started

T4Tales offers Indian parents living across the world, books that are simple and enjoyable to read to their children in Indian languages. We publish books written concurrently in Indian languages and English (within in the same book) for 0-6 year olds. We help introduce Indian languages, such as Hindi, Punjabi and Kannada, to children in their early years, through books.
In many Indian households outside India, we see that culture and tradition are emphasized upon, but the Indian languages take a back seat (it is too difficult - we know, we tried). This is what T4Tales hopes to change with its range of books which can help parents bring Indian languages to their child from the early years right alongside English.
T4Tales offers books ranging from nursery rhymes that have been passed down through generations in India, to contemporary tales from around the world. Our books are written with the added advantage, that parents or care givers who can speak the Indian language, but may not know how to read/write it, can still teach children how to speak that language!
We are old school in a high tech world. T4Tales strongly believes that you need physical books for 0-6 year old, and not the distractions of an app on a high contrast tablet screen or games on the computer. Hence, we create books. Not apps.