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Kahani Puraani


Retold by Pridhee. Illustrated by Alicia Souza. 



Written and illustrated by Alankrita Amaya

Gol Mol Bol


Retold by Pridhee. Illustrated by Abhilash.

Das Din


Retold by Pridhee. Illustrated by Alicia Souza. 

What people are saying

Das Din

"Excellent Hindi Board Book for toddlers"

"I wish there were more books like this in Hindi. The pictures are cute and well illustrated. The book tells the tale of a little lion prince recovering from a cold while counting days. It has Hindi sentences in Devanagari script accompanied by English transliteration. The pop up and pull out features add a lot of interest for toddlers. Our toddler loves this book and has read it over and over again. The boardbook quality is on par with your regular high quality English language board books, which often is rare to find in Hindi books for kids (most of them are either paperback or hardcover or low quality board books)."

Gol Mol Bol

"Great book to introduce Hindi to kids"

"This is the first Hindi book I have read to my kids..I thought introducing the language to them through nursery rhymes they've heard from grandparents would introduce some level of familiarity- and I was right! They both love this book:) I liked the attention to detail- the bird playing the narrator role, the connection between one rhyme with a "thief" to the next one with the thief in jail- these are all little details that enhance the reading experience. I tend to pay a lot of attention to the illustrations in kids books as toddlers tend to absorb visuals before they learn to read- In this book the illustrations present a little "backstory" behind each of the rhymes , so you can engage the kids with the story even as you introduce the words in a new language. All in all, this was money well spent:)"

Kahaani Puraani

"Great way to introduce Ramayana"

"Absolutely love the book! My son is starting to complete the little rhymes in the book. This is part of our family bedtime stories. Great quality and perfect for little ones"

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See all the interactive features of our book Das Din! 

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